Guided ATV Tours - Idaho Springs, Colorado (June - October)

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Fall On the Yankee Hill Trail        St Mary's Glacier Overlook (Yankee Hill)          Ninty Four Post Office below Yankee Hill           Lamartine Ghost Town - Saxon Mountain

History of the Quad Squad and Idaho Springs

The Quad Squad ATV Tours is located in Idaho Springs, CO, "where the gold rush began for Colorado. In 1850 Gold was first discovered in Chicago Creek where it meets with Clear Creek River. The gold rush began, and a frenzy began opening up the mountains with trails, towns and homesites.

Today, we use the same trials that those very hard working miners used to get to their claims and to bring the booty back to town! They used horses and carts, now we use 4-wheelers called ATVs or Quads. It is facinating to drive along these trails knowing that over 150 years ago people lived up in these mountains with no ammenities.

The Quad Squad has a permit with the Arapaho National Forest - Clear Creek Ranger District to provide outstanding ATV tours to everyone searching for a great time outdoors, on amazing trails with unbelievable views of the Rocky Mountains. Give us a call today to book your reservation!

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What is a Quad Squad ATV Tour?

Amazing Scenery, Fun riding your own ATV in the Rocky Mountains!

With the Quad Squad ATV Tours we take care of everything. Just show up with proper clothes for the weather and we will take care of the rest! We provide Helmets gloves, goggles, and water.

You will meet us at our shop in Idaho Springs, CO to do paperwork and then you will follow us up to the trailhead which is about 10-20 minutes away where we will go over the safety of the machines and how to operate them....and away we go!

Our trips are completely full service and guided which means you don't need a trailer, or maps, or know where you are, or keep track of time, which is great on vacation!

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